As IT Modernization Becomes a Reality, Agencies Need to Shift Focus to IT Consolidation

With the Modernizing Government Technology Act (MGT Act) signed into law late last year, federal agencies will finally have the opportunity to modernize legacy infrastructure this year. Before embarking on the acquisition process, federal IT leaders will need to do some serious thinking about how they will take advantage of MGT Act funding to maximize ROI, avoid falling into the pitfalls that created the legacy IT conundrum in the first place, and ensure alignment with various scorecards to which agencies are held accountable.

For many agencies embarking on IT modernization, a necessary part of the process will be a period of discovery followed by consolidation. While this might seem tedious, in the long run, it will result in a more robust IT infrastructure and a strong ROI both financially and in terms of mission success. In consolidating infrastructure, agencies will be able to avoid mistakes of the past, such as duplication, redundancy, and lack of visibility, and can start with a clean slate.

SolarWinds’ top-notch Federal Systems Engineers and Paul Parker, Chief Technologist – Federal & National Government, recently hosted a webcast to explore how agencies can embark on this process.

During the webinar, Paul Parker and the SE team discussed some of the key steps that federal agencies should consider, and how SolarWinds can help them embark on IT consolidation and modernization. The team shared their collective wisdom and answered questions on key topics including:

  • The importance of IT asset discovery.
  • How to collect network device, topology, system, and application data to make informed decisions.
  • How to optimize database performance.
  • Optimal use of agents and APIs to monitor cloud and shared services to provide visibility into usage.

The on-demand presentation is available by clicking on the button below.


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