Federal Grants Management Reaps the Benefits of Program Accelerators

Previously on FTI, we’ve discussed the distinct advantage of accelerators, low-code platforms, and application platforms-as-a-service (aPaaS) in the IT modernization process for federal agencies. With those technologies, agencies can quickly update their existing systems without lengthy ramp-up times or massive budgets. Those advantages are particularly important now, as federal agencies are undergoing harsh scrutiny over the effectiveness of their IT modernization efforts.

In a recent blog post, Appian applies this same logic to the grants management process. Appian has created an accelerator that “provides end-to-end management functionality from application intake, to award, and through to close-out.” This access allows grantees and agencies access to all aspects of the grant’s lifecycle, thus boosting process transparency.

Grants management is a regulation-heavy process and needs to be carefully executed, so flexibility, transparency and nimbleness are all highly sought-after qualities in the system. The ability to build on existing infrastructure is crucial to cost-effective and swift execution.

The process of managing grants is also notoriously dated, with many grants management systems still operating on obsolete software, or even Excel spreadsheets. What’s more is many have to use a combination of technologies to track grant transactions, and with more technology comes more confusion or miscommunication. And at a federal level, there is no room for miscommunication.

Because grants management is so regulation-oriented and federal spending is always under a microscope, the ability to quickly report and track transactions is crucial. A solution that is able to easily create clean, transparent grants management reports is ideal for federal agencies.

Grants management is just one area where accelerators and low-code frameworks can benefit government agencies. In an age where speed and accuracy are equally valued, better processes need to be put in place to set federal organizations up for success. It’s not something that can happen over night, but the private sector partners are getting time-to-market as close to that as possible.

To see an example of an accelerator program designed specifically for grants management, visit Appian’s Grant Management Industry Page.

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