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Editorial Mission
Technology is a blessing and a curse. For every interaction it enables it also introduces a myriad of complications; nowhere is this more apparent than in federal government agencies. The pressure is on government agencies to provide more services online, store more data generated by those transactions, and enable remote and agile work environments for employees. And they have to do more with less. Agencies must reduce the costs of facilitating the business of the state, and to protect the network infrastructure and the data stored on it from cyberattacks.

While many people and organizations write about technology issues, very few talk about these issues in ways that address the specific needs and the unique perspective of IT practitioners in federal government agencies. Federal Technology Insider is solely focused on the federal government sector, which enables our experts to drill down into issues and explore technology in action within federal agencies.

While Federal Technology Insider is focused on today’s advanced technologies designed to help federal agencies be more efficient and effective in achieving mission objectives, we’re a vendor neutral publication. Our editorial team has the unique privilege of bringing smart people together to talk about IT issues affecting federal government agencies.